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Best of the web: A reader’s guide to opera blogs

We’ve compiled a (not-quite) comprehensive list of opera blogs from around the world, sourced from our own favourites, along with suggestions from our readers and Opera Australia’s Facebook and Twitter fans. What have we missed? Leave your recommendations in the comments – along with why you think it’s worth our time!

Blog [noun, verb]: contraction of web log, a discussion or informational web site published like a diary, with regular, individual posts


An unashamedly superficial website dedicated to discovering and chronicalling the careers of “The sexiest baritone hunks from opera”. And while they might be more interested in buffed bods than polished tones, they actually have excellent articles. No really, you can read it for the articles.


Gale Martin is a novelist and opera reviewer who shares fantastic Q&As, tweets her way through opening nights at The Metropolitan Opera of New York and all in all has her finger on the pulse of all things operatic.

Opera Teen

Not your “garden variety teenager”, this young blogger is opera-obsessed and willing to share that with the world. Witty and engaging, Opera Teen is gaining quite a profile on the web, even writing for the Huffington Post.

Opera Chic

A young American blogger living in Milan. As she puts it in her bio: “I go to La Scala a lot. You don’t.”

Prima la musica

An opera fan living the dream: travelling the world with “the tenor in her life”, who just happens to be world-famous singer Stuart Skelton. Sarah Noble writes about opera all over the world.

Opera Obsession

A grad student from New York City who is, well, opera-obsessed.


An anoymous opera blogger covering mostly the London opera world. She has the inside scoop, the unseen photos … and sees four-to-five operas or concerts per week.

Definitely the Opera

A Toronto-based journalist and author writing about … you guessed it … opera.

Trying to Remain Operational

A raw and amusing account by Jennifer Rivera of her life as an international opera singer with a small baby in tow.

The Last Verista

“A scream of consciousness” written by performer, voice coach and operatic scholar Mary-Lou Vetere.


American mezzo Joyce DiDonato writes a charming blog covering everything from advice to aspiring singers to the ups and downs of life as an in-demand diva.


An “online scrapbook” written by celebrated American soprano Aprile Millo, offering an insight into her life as a “human Stradivarius”.

Likely Impossibilities

Micaela Baranello is a doctoral candidate who writes this witty blog about opera as some relief from her scholarly research and writing.

Pamina’s Opera House

A young LA opera-lover who reviews audio and digital recordings of opera as well as the occasional live performance.


Not a Rehearsal

An Australian blog about the writer’s experience of opera in Sydney.


Not a blog per se, but a very useful site if you’re lucky enough to travel for your love: listing opera performances and singers across the globe.



8 Responses to “Best of the web: A reader’s guide to opera blogs”

  1. Louis

    Thanks so much for the list! You’ve made the search for these one page less maddening! Ha ha!

  2. Michael Rogers

    I started a new opera blog on Feb 29, 2016 written from an opera fan’s perspective: OperaGene.com. OperaGene’s goal is to aid opera fans and potential fans in the mid-Atlantic region of the US in accessing and enjoying opera in the region.


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