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What you said: audience responses to Aida on Sydney Harbour



19 Responses to “What you said: audience responses to Aida on Sydney Harbour”

  1. Keith Williams

    I was visiting Australia for my 50th birthday celebrations. Great setting & amazing costumes. My first ever opera.
    Enjoyed the performance.
    A slight complaint though. I thought the seats quite uncomfortable. Lots of wriggling around due to the seat, from many in the audience.

  2. mgunn

    We saw Aida on Saturday night. It was pouring with rain and should really have been cancelled. Ridiculous for us to be sitting in and for artists to be performing in pouring rain. So disappointed!

    • brenda

      i agree! we were furious it hadnt been cancelled and left, along with half the audience, at intermission, absolutely saturated and miserable. Most of the cast were wearing rain ponchos and Pharoah was carrying an umbrella! an absolute farce! At an average of $200 a ticket, audience comfort and quality of performance should have taken priority over profits. never again opera australia, never again.

      • john and ruby

        We also sat through the drenching rain on Saturday night(until intermission).We could not believe an offer of an alternative performance was not forthcoming,consequently we are determined never to subject ourselves to the offerings of Opera Australia again.

    • G Davis

      Agree, this is our third year at Opera on the harbour ad it has rained every year. The venue needs some form of roofing to provide protection from the elements and the seats need improving.

  3. John Cooney

    Amazing set ,costumes , dancers(and their costumes!!) and all the
    extravaganza–camels and revolving stage . The sound was very
    good considering amplification–of course wonderful music.
    Only complaint — the b—– weather , can’t be helped BUT what
    can be helped is supplying Mazda poncho at the gate — while
    walking out drenched in spite of our own umbrellas and rainwear
    at interval.
    Not happy Jan!!!
    Been a subscriber for a while and my first complaint

  4. Parkinson

    Sat through Aida in the rain last Saturday – didn’t care would do it again in a second. The cast incredible the production superb. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

  5. Renie

    Great production but what’s with the costuming? Nazi storm troopers, Mafia hit men & then Can Can dancers! For Heaven’s sake it’s supposed to be Ancient Egypt! Seating and line of sight needs improvement.

    • brenda

      tenie I was also pretty disappointed with the costumes. the space-age warriors were bad enough but when the military leaders turned up in high ranking nazi uniforms i resigned myself to a pretty silly “interpretation” of what should have been a spectacular egyptian setting. even pharoah didnt look quite right, appearing to be based on Pope Francis. very disappointing.

    • brenda

      oh i thought the guys in suits were supposed to be CIA security blokes… all pretty ridiculous either way.

  6. Deidre Byrne

    This was my wonderful 70th birthday night. Couldn’t have asked for anything better but our experience in the Platinum Club at Interval was extremely disappointing, not worth the extra especially when our tickets were not matched to the admission for the Club. Big mess and it took 20 minutes to rectify the mistake. However it did not stop our enjoyment of the spectacular production . How lucky we are to have such a setting.

  7. boges

    The setting was magic however the seats were very uncomfortable and the tenor’s voice in the first half was not suited for the role.
    The sopranos were magnificent especially the lady playing Aida.

  8. Ursula Ure

    This is the4th Opera on the water I have been to so I was disappointed not to be able to read the sub titles due to the positioning of seats. The three people in front of me were also having problems, due to their continual movement in their seats to read the text.I missed most of the text!
    I thought the costumes were really great, but did you really need to bring the baby camel on stage? It was scared stiff!!!
    Regards, Ursula Ure.

  9. Diane Dennis

    Another year sitting sodden & miserable!! No, we wouldn’t leave as we had paid almost $200 a seat! Why oh why can’t they cancel – it really isn’t fair but thats show biz – they have what we want & that’s it. I can’t believe they can get Opera stars to perform in such conditions!
    I have seen the previous Operas and didn’t enjoy this one as much musically but Aida is bot my favourite anyway. However the costumes & set were spectacular. I loved the little Moulin Rouge & Men in Black touches. I thought the food was the best yet – we ordered several dishes and each one was delicious & the shiraz we washed it down with was ok too! The logistics get better each year – we had no long waits to enter, get food or to exit but the toilets queues??!!
    We will be thinking long & hard whether we want to risk another possibly wet experience next year!!

  10. Anne Buricod

    I went to the performance of Aida with 3 friends on April 4th, the evening that the rain just teemed down. Before going, we read up on the conditions of the performance & read that “rain was part of the experience”!! I have to say on behalf of all of us that it was totally unreasonable for the performance to be held, from both aspects, audience & artists. Most of the spectators did not return after the interval. I give all credit to the performers, but the whole spectacle was spoiled by the drenching rain. We were very well equipped with rain gear, but even so you could not avoid getting wet. During the interval, there was still no place to shelter. This has totally ruined our idea of an “open air opera”. I note that every other outdoor event in Sydney was cancelled on that day!

  11. Michael Hunter

    Opening Night acoustics were atrocious . At times difficult to discirminate between singers. Volume way too high. The Californian opera aficionados next to us were not happy, had hugely enjoyed previous Operas on The Harbour. A visual extravaganza but if I was wearing hearing aids would have taken them out.

  12. Robert Solomon

    Lucky me! Weather on 14 April was perfect for a spectacular Aida with Sydney Harbour as the background. Latonia Moore was perfect as Aida. Some weird costuming, but it didn’t detract from the overall spectacle. Congratulations Opera Australia.

  13. Ken Dobbins

    Went on 14th and weather was kind enjoyed the opera but found Mussolini style military costumes a bit off-putting
    After show bus shuttle to Domain car park was totally inadequate , only 2 buses -frustration turned people from a high after an excellent night to a real low
    Our daughter and son in law had a similar experience after the opera on the 17th.
    You need to lift your game Opera Australia

  14. Carol jeffs

    Absolutely stupid costuming and staging spoilt what should have been a real wow for Sydney. Aida is set in ancient Egypt and should be left there. It’s partly the settings that make the opera , and it’s what people come to see.
    However we scored the only balmy night of the final week, great luck. I do believe that no singer can give their best singing in the rain, and I wouldn’t want to hear them either.


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