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The week in opera: public auditions and puppet making


Photo by Branco Gaica

Photo by Branco Gaica

In our first news roundup for 2014, the world wonders about the future of opera in Italy, audition opportunities go public and children have the chance to build Magic Flute inspired puppets.

Close to home

  • The face of auditions for opera across the world is changing. In Australia, NYIOP and Opera Australia have announced the first-ever Australian panel auditions, where anyone can pay an audition fee to be heard by some of the world’s best houses (without leaving the country). Interested? Read more here.
  • Opera Australia’s 2014 season kicked off with audience favourite La bohèmeclosely followed by the colourful, English-language Julie Taymor designed production of The Magic Flute. Of The Magic Flute, critics said “There was no denying its freshness and appeal”. The Manly Daily published a beautifully written review, here.
  • Children have the chance to build their own colourful puppets at a puppet-making workshop hosted at The Opera Centre, Sydney on Sunday. Get in quick!

Around the web

  • In America, the Metropolitan Opera is opening regional auditions to public audiences – as an entertainment event, the operatic equivalent of America’s Got Talent. It’s all in a bid to open up the mysterious world of opera to anyone who is interested. In addition to the audition competitions, the Met will focus on delivering conversations around the art form in Seattle and beyond.

“There are so many things going on in opera. But are those changes for the good or bad? Are there too many mechanical things on stage? Is HD (the live broadcasts of Met productions screened in movie theaters) a good thing? I think we have to look at all this to make opera grow, in addition to attracting an audience that will see artists accomplishing so much. It will be very exciting.” – Melvyn Poll

  • Chatter is growing about the future of opera in Italy as Opera House after Opera House reports financial difficulty. Influential Italian opera blogger Enrico Votio Del Refettiero believes the “opera house system is already shutting down. It’s gone, finished.” But Italians believe they can save the art form in the country that made it famous. This article makes for an interesting read.
  • A Night at the Opera is about more than the music. At the Metropolitan Opera of New York, the dinner service is all part of the fun, if you’re prepared to pay for the privilege. This great New York Times piece follows long time manager Fred Mills around the Grand Tier restaurant during a performance of Tosca, from pre-show dinners to what happens after the curtain goes down. It’s a good read.

Just for fun

  • ClassicFM bring us a classic game: Composer or Pasta? Check that you know your Rossini from your Rigatoni (hint: one wrote operas, the other is delicious with a tomato and ricotta sauce…).

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