Ever noticed that publicists for local quiz nights often put the ad n the internet the day after the event? Sadly I’m already in London but if I had known about this Der Vampyr earlier I would have delayed my departure in order to see it. Long have I loved Der Vampyr. Conceived the same night as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and based on a story by John Polidori, The Vampire well precedes Bram Stoker. How I long for a full mounting for, although an obvious target of Ruddigore, as a theatrical work it stands on its own two feet. Frustrated by the only score in Australia being in Melbourne but unable to be photocopied, I was overjoyed when I bought the full score in 2004 in London’s Book Archive for a tenner a volume. I can’t agree with that great writer David Kram’s cogent comment of Marchner’s “tuneful melodies”. Perhaps he meant “melodious tunes.”