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First looks: fabric samples for Aida on Sydney Harbour

Designer Mark Thompson has gone bold, bright and beautiful for the Aida on Sydney Harbour costumes.




“To conjure the colour and drama and to stridently clash with the opulent wealth and golds of Aida’s court, we’re sourcing hundreds of stunning, fabulous African and Ethiopian fabrics from Southern Africa, that will make for a clash of bright patterns and a riot of colour,” Thompson explained.



“Worn by a vast Chorus of singers and dancers, these fabrics will become stunning strapless dresses with towering head wraps, bustles and enormous wrapped shawls, which move in the breeze and wrap the stage like a human work of art,” he added.



“It’s an exciting time, seeing the fabrics arrive in the Wardrobe Department, and starting to create our first set of costumes.”


“Each costume is swathed in about 20 metres of fabric and up to 7 different patterns to create a signature look that says Africa NOW! The look owes many tributes to contemporary and traditional sources with allegiance to none!”


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