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Horror Opera: Marschner’s Der Vampyr in Melbourne

A woman in love, a vampire fighting eternal damnation and a tested friendship. The story of Der Vampyr has all the melodrama of a 19th century…

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The Designer Difference: A Pop Up Shop for Melbourne’s Ring Cycle

Around the world, wherever Wagner’s tetraology is performed, the pilgrims gather.

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Weekly round-up: Ring Cycles, Rhinemaidens and Restaurants

It’s just over three weeks until opening night for Opera Australia’s Melbourne Ring Cycle and bits and pieces of the very-secret design aesthetic are starting to…

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Six Halloween ideas from the Opera Australia archives

Including: best mad scene, best creepy clown, best wicked witch, best crazed murderer, best room decoration, best blood and gore.

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Weekly round-up: the Ring cycle marches on and the Sydney Opera House has a birthday

Each Friday, we bring you a bite-size round-up of what’s happening in the hallowed halls of opera houses the world over. This week… The Opera Australia…

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Best of the web: A reader’s guide to opera blogs

We’ve compiled a (not-quite) comprehensive list of opera blogs from around the world, sourced from our own favourites, along with suggestions from our readers and Opera…

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