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8 foolproof motel meals from a travelling company of opera singers

“Steak!” comes the cry from the back of the bus, as we pull into Alice Springs. “Who’s up for a steak?”

It’s a treat for a bus full of singers, musicians and mechs, who have been on the road for six weeks.

Most days, the fare is less substantial.

But six weeks on the road, moving from motel room to motel room, certainly inspires some creativity when it comes to filling that touring belly.

Here are some of the most creative meals discovered by the Oz Opera touring company.

Warning: you may never use a motel iron to steam a shirt, ever again.

  1.  Anzac biscuits: mixed by hand, wrapped in foil and cooked on the iron.

  2. Poached chicken: chicken fillet wrapped in an oven bag and boiled in the motel room kettle.

  3. Pikelets: make batter as usual, drop onto a foil covered iron.

  4. Toasted sandwiches: fresh bread, cheese and ham pressed together with (you guessed it), the motel iron

  5. Microwave lemon meringue pie (via packet mix, and nicer than you think!)

  6. Anything with tuna (tuna rolls, tuna and rice, tuna on crackers, tuna, tuna, tuna)

  7. Supermarket in town? That’s barbecue chicken and salad, night after night, with a travelling jar of Nando’s Hot Sauce

  8. Boiled eggs, placed carefully in the motel room kettle and retrieved with a coffee spoon

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