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7 stars of opera who don’t sing a note

1. Acrobats


It can be hard to sing while riding a unicycle, stilt-walking, juggling, fire-breathing or hula-hooping, so we get in acrobats when a little circus style is required.

2. Animal Handlers


Because, let’s be honest, would you trust a baritone with a massive black stallion?

3. Dancers


All those pirouettes, lifts and throws are best left to the professionals.

4. Actors


Playing anything from dead bodies to brutal executioners, look closely on stage to spot the only person on stage with their mouth shut.

5. On-stage musicians


Need a drummer on stage? Better get that percussionist into hair and makeup, pronto.

6. Surreptitious stage managers


(Did anyone spot the 9th valkyrie in Opera Australia’s Ring Cycle?) Those singing warrior women can’t get into their harnesses on their own…

7.Anyone who needs to get naked



3 Responses to “7 stars of opera who don’t sing a note”

  1. Dianmari

    Not quite true. Which was the production of Pirates of Penzance that starred a Sargeant of Gendarmes who was singing as he rode a unicycle?

  2. Jacqui Dark

    … and Kanen Breen managed to sing fiendishly difficult music with his legs behind his head in yoga positions – awesome! Love all my brilliant colleagues mentioned here.

  3. Malao

    From which opera is the animated image under 7 please?




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